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My M1 does my talking...Are you careful what you write or say? ORIG. POSTER!, 1945

Název:My M1 does my talking...Are you careful what you write or say? ORIG. POSTER!
Ilustrátor:Jes Schlaikjer
Místo vydání:USA
Rok vydání:1945
Počet stran:s.
Poznámka:Original NOT Reproduction! Offered is one of the most famous American posters of WWII. In this 1945 release, Jes Schlaikjer, the official Artist of the U.S. War Department, depicted a battle-hardened G.I. holding his M1 rifle in one hand, and in the other a Garand en-bloc clip of .30-06 cartridges. The poster was issued in two versions, one as a morale booster for war plant workers, (“…with your cartridges”), the other, offered here, as a “loose lips” security warning. The headline and image works for both concepts. Reproductions simply do not do justice Schlaikjer’s exquisite draftsmanship, the bold use of color and intricate detail. Everything is perfect: from the M1 rifle to the stressed blouse pockets to the brass cartridge casings; even a calloused M1 thumb! The lips of the soldier are parted, as if speaking directly to the viewer. The poster is actually one of the finest portraits of the American infantryman to come out of the war. This example in FINE, “A” Condition: uncreased, undamaged, with rich vibrant colors; professionally linen backed. The poster size is 14” x 20”, linen size is 18” x 24”. Authentic examples of the Schlaikjer’s M1 poster are increasingly scarce and rarely offered, especially in this condition
Kategorie:Propaganda / Brainwashing
Kategorie:Plakáty / Plakát / Poster
Kategorie:Druhá světová válka / World War II
Kategorie:Amerika / USA

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